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About Us

We are the largest grassroots local mental health campaign in the country with over 2,300 supporters. Started by front line staff and people who reply on NHS mental health services in Norfolk and Suffolk, we are fighting the cuts and ‘radical redesign’ at Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. We are also proud to help other local and national mental health campaigns.

Opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the various contributors and not necessarily shared by the Campaign. Comments are not moderated. If you believe a post is abusive, inaccurate or offensive, please get in touch.

10 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Saltley Gates says:

    Great to see that you’re organising against these very dangerous cuts.

    You’re in the front line but you’re not alone

    Good idea the 12 cuts of Christmas

    I have reblogged your 1st day cut at Derby Peoples Assembly Blog

    Hope you dont mind my using this

    Have you got contact with national media?

    In Solidarity


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  3. Sharon says:

    Great campaign.  I work for the Trust and I’m a bit scared that being part of it may jeopardise my post (I’m currently on the redeployment register due to the ‘redesign’).

    • now retired says:

      Truly sympathise with you. As I’m now retired, rest assured I’m speaking up for you.

  4. Timmy's Mum says:

    Well done to the organisers of this site – you’re doing a great job keeping everyone informed. Thanks for all your hard work.

  5. Daoud says:

    To whom it may concern



    Dear Sir or Madam,

    This is Worker B’s care plan; they work in a much derided part of the health service, working with people who have emotional difficulties, not their colleagues although as work becomes radical, the design of their lives appears to be crumbling about them. We are supposed to provide support for the public’s wellbeing; ours is being tested to our limits! The purpose of sharing this care plan for Worker B is to highlight the inadequacies of the current framework and the deluded presentation of the organisation to deliver care, whilst the workers on the ground have to become apologists for the radical redesign. I would hope you may find this of some interest.


    Worker B

    Requirement                                          Plan                                                      Who

    Worker B is told to have a work life balance but drives and eats; missing breaks, management wants more work than life balance.

    Action; carry on until sick.
    Worker B


    Worker B thinks they work to help those who have a health difficulty.  B is told to see more people with a wider diagnosis range whilst having resources cut. Their health is being eroded to meet a professional hypocritical delusional model of service that falls short of people’s expectations whilst offering everything and nothing. It is the intimidation of absurd reasoning of a totalitarian regime that mystifies B.  Worker B feels their employer victimises workers who cannot keep up, making those who would care become unwell for trying to prop up an unstable design; the Chief Ex left a rickety house.

    Action; carry on until sick.
    Worker B


    Worker B finances are ok but they have been required to have the same wages for the past seven years and for the next five. Their pay and conditions have deteriorated but they have a job!

    Action; carry on until sick.
    Worker B


    Worker B wakes in the night wondering who they have forgot to contact and if anyone could come to harm?

    Action; carry on until sick.
    Worker B

    Worker B has a partner who is fed up with their moaning. Unlike the people they work with they can afford food and heating.  But are they likely to stay together facing their work pressures at home?

    Action; carry on until sick.

    Worker B

    Worker B feels it would be better to have a manual job it would not involve a deskilling process making; typists of B’s profession who used a creative process to meet people’s needs. Yet still more form filling than work to provide a humane service and B has become an apologist for a shoddy service that he does not want to provide.

    There is Orwellian speak;

    Government conspiracy to destabilise the service for health from the Department for Refractive Development it builds upon our despair and apathy, as if we were infantilised.

    Action; carry on until sick.
    Worker B

    When partnership agencies become dissatisfied and demand unrealistic expectations of B and his colleagues then confusion betrays professionalism but managers and politicians are dressed in fine robes of nudity, we all see it but are afraid to laugh.

    Action; carry on until sick.
    Worker B

    Risk plan
    Worker B continues to respond to changes with a stress reaction, B could fail with the system. The future could see B in a private hospital in a locked ward with benefits of vouchers from providing shopping outlets; that would create an internal market place of disease and consumerism.

    Action; carry on until sick or until B leaves position. Because by the time you could retire you’ll be stuffed up!
    Worker B


  6. Anon says:

    I am currently seeking the help of mental health services in Norfolk due to a recent diagnosis of a relatively simple and non-serious condition. I have also been in contact with the services for other reasons in the past.

    Every single time that I have been in contact with mental health services in Norfolk I have experienced multiple failings.
    The government ‘cuts’ are obviously the one size fits all excuse for absolutely everything, however from my experience the real issue is the quality of staff employed by the trust.

    Very many staff no doubt have the best interests of the patients at heart, however the inefficient organisation and structure of the service has frustrated me to such an extent that I must say that I feel essentially alone in dealing with some of the issues that I have had to deal with.

    If a few more of the busy-bodies and bureaucrats were kicked out, the whole system may work better for the patients – you know, the people you’re here to serve…the reason you have a job in the first place.

    Bitter maybe, but as a patient I must say that until the local mental health services are transformed into patient focussed organisations, which would definitely require very many manned positions to become obsolete, I for one have no sympathy for office staff losing their jobs at all.


  7. Valerie taylor says:

    So my son, who is currently actively delusional and hallucinating was discharged with his bus fare this afternoon from Poppy Ward, Woodlands, Ipswich Hospital.  Was given his bus fare and has now disappeared – so much for duty of care.  What does someone have to do to get the care they need?

    • Suzanne says:

      Similar. My son however managed to get a flight to Germany in an extremely delusional state – the mental health services cause more problems in the mentally vulnerable than there were initially and seem oblivious or unconcerned – even when they have been given information to prevent worsening or PTSD. I hope your son is safe.

  8. Warren says:

    I’m in Dorset, This is indicative of most NHS Trusts. When things go wrong we see the psychopaths than run the show come out. They then go on the offensive to destroy anyone who may upset the apple cart. Bullying, threats and intimidation or even outright ignoring is used to squash any dissent amongst the ranks. Cover ups are rife in the NHS trusts and they will never admit to their failures.

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