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4 thoughts on “Campaign Cartoon: Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications Rebecca Driver quits NSFT: Veni! Vedi! Verti!

  1. mesugana says:

    She came. She saw. She fled.

  2. Allwillbewell says:

    Hopefully there’ll be a FOI request to discover the obscene amount that this cost NSFT to try to defend the indefensible. 

  3. Mike nursey says:

    So, in post for four weeks not counting any annual leave she took over Christmas and the New Year…did she hand in her notice after the interview results, or on her first day.????

  4. meshugana says:

    Constant reshuffling at the top, recycling mediocrity and the people who cause chaos and uncertainty. New strategy documents abound, but frightening lack of stability for the people with health and social care continuing needs – all under the guise of quality improvement. 


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