Campaign is calling for families to provide evidence for a police investigation into the deaths crisis at NSFT

Campaign Calls For Bereaved Families in Norfolk and Suffolk to Provide Evidence For Police Investigations

The Campaign to Save Mental Health Services in Norfolk and Suffolk is calling for bereaved families of people who have died whilst under the care of Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust (NSFT) to come forward with evidence of negligence.

Last December the Campaign requested the police open an investigation into the deaths crisis of patients and service users at NSFT over the last 10 years.  They are being asked to investigate deaths of patients who were under the care of NSFT who have died in similar circumstances to those who are the subject of Coroners’ Court Prevention of Future Death (PFD) reports.

The police have said they are taking the contents of our letter very seriously and they would:

“welcome any further information/evidence that you may have which may assist the Forces in considering if, on the face of it, a criminal offence may have been committed; for example details of deaths where it is believed that the gross negligence of the NSFT caused or contributed to the person’s death and the circumstances thereof.”

They have also said:

“In your letter, you say that ‘evidence points to the NSFT lying to the Coroner’s Courts and covering up deaths in similar circumstances to those subject to PFDs’.  I would welcome sight of the evidence that you refer to, so that this can also be considered.“

To collect this information we asking bereaved families and friends of people who have sadly lost their lives whilst under the care of NSFT or who have died within 6 months of leaving hospital to provide us with any evidence you have.

If you would like to contribute or attend an evidence collecting session please email:

The sessions are:

Norwich – Sunday 11th February, 1 – 3pm

Ipswich – Sunday 25th February, 1 – 3pm

When you register we will need the name of your loved one who died and brief details of their case.

Invites will be sent out to people who express an interest nearer the dates with details of venues.

NSFT Crisis Campaign Committee

1st February 2024

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