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11 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. Despondent says:

    Is it in crisis??????? Do we really have to ask. I think most of us know the answer. The only ones who think we aren’t are the hierarchy.

  2. very despondent person says:

    Yet again the admin review date has been changed. Originally the review was to start in april, which was brought forward to december 2013.  Then changed to january. (I think management ‘kindly’ felt it was not the done thing to ruin our xmas). Then we were told it would wait until the new lorenzo ipm is rolled out. Now it’s back to december 2014.  The end of our process is a ‘competitive’ interview based “on our interview skills”. (As qouted by management).  The result of all this is: stress, over worked, unappreciated, being forced to fight for our jobs, be down graded on less money.

  3. sad but happy says:

    Having recently left the nsft I can look back at the radical redesign with fresh eyes and it dosnt get any better,  it is such a relief to be away from the mayhem and chaos that has unecessarily been created ,good staff down graded,expensive agency staff brought in to cover, expensive processes i.e days weeks of interviewing staff already well known to their employers to what end ..apart from absolutely wasting tax payers money, patients…. well  where do you have to go to find compassion for “patients” and their plight? who are they again??  all ears closed well too late, but who will be accoutable not those who caused it. happy to be out but sad for patients frontline staff and the hiospital RIP.

  4. Huytongirl says:

    Mental health services in Norfolk? That’s like talking about mountains in Norfolk. Abysmal services – utterly incompetent, despite the excessive self-congratulation of those in charge. I no longer get any help – I just struggle desperately. I know someone who is in urgent, dire need of help – was referred urgently by his doctors six months ago – and still has nothing. I know so many people who are in the same situation. Really I believe some of the people in charge deserve to be in prison.

    • Former employee says:

      For my former supervisors’ and line managers’ cruelty I could not compete, and yet they are making decisions for vulnerable people; frightening.  I believe that the power has gone to their empty heads, as one person said to me ( another former employee) : shit floats.

  5. amhp says:

    Tonight there are 40 out of county placements and no local beds. Please ask the trust chief exec how this can be considered ‘efficient use of resources’ and how can further cuts in beds and other preventative services  be defended?

  6. Terry skyrme says:

    Number of out of area admissions now approaching 50; we need to remember that this will be 50 people, human beings, separated from their families, from their carers, from their care team (if they had one) at their most vulnerable time. Isn’t it time the CCGs, Norman Lamb and NSFT convened an urgent criss meeting. NSFT needs urgent funding and even then it’s going to be a major challenge to recruit qualified staff?

  7. Jane Scott says:

    I’m wringing my hands so much lately at the shameful state of affairs with Norfolk and Suffolk Trust.  Over the past two years I have had a great deal of exposure to the system.  I have met some great staff and service users and at the same time watched many mistakes occurring.  There is chronic underfunding for mental health services. Fact.

  8. Trevor Stammers says:

    Forgive me posting on your site, but I have a daughter working in mental heath.

    I am a former, now retired truck driver. I can remember an International truck driver telling me that he had just returned from Jedda in the Middle East in his truck, and had witnessed a young chap having his right hand cut off for stealing a loaf of bread. The act was carried out by the side of the road. The driver was very upset as he relived what he had seen.   My comment at the time was something like “life is a very cheap commodity out there” and the other drivers around us at the time agreed. It was something that was happening in another World.  Have we really now got to the stage in our Country where “life is cheap” because for a 68 year old retired truck driver it certainly looks like it. Not to put a to finer point on it my wife whom I love dearly has a memory issue, and has had for 18 moths now. My Daughter, a Nurse is also struggling with her heath.  What is next for us all.  I guess that we must hope the books balance soon, or what for our future.  We are all in need at sometime.  The toothless tigers in the health service administration should now say enough is enough, and stand before the cannons.  Prove to have the balls to say life is not cheap, it is the most priceless thing we have.  Do something for Gods sake.

  9. Gillrow1 says:

    I have had a bi-polar diagnosis.for 47 years and I am on a S117 for aftercare.  I used to get good support from the Nursing staff from Hellesdon both as an inpatient and out ing “The Community”.  In  2013 I was formally detained in Leicester in November while driving round the country, visiting my family and delivering christmas presents.  I was deemed by the Police to be vulnerable and “at risk”.  In my own eyes, taking my meds as prescribed and getting as much sleep as I could.  To cuI a very bizarre story short  I was Sectioned, appealed my Section with the help of an approved Solicitor and was discharged back home after about three weeks into my 28 day Section.  Had I been assessed in Norwich by the Crisis Team it is my belief that I would not have been Sectioned.  However there was no way of getting me to Hellesdon and there were of course no beds !  So on 17th December 2013 I was discharged into the care of the Crisis Team.  It seemed the Crisis Team were having their own crisis. I was eventually seen and was told that I was too well to need their help.  The CMHT became involved and visited.  They said thee same thing.  My own GP was on holiday but the Duty GP made an urgent referral to my psychiatric consultant,  He said he was too busy to see me!!!! Eventually I was seen by a Duty Psychiatrist., in the middle of January!

    Four years on and the support from Hellesdon has gone from bad to worse to almost non existent!.!

    I have been struggling for the last three weeks to self medicate to avoid a bad relapse into hypomania/mania,  My CPN/Care Co-ordinator has consistenly blocked my requests to be referred for an urgent meeting with my psychiatrist. Being relatively new to me, she ignored my urgent requests for a phone call from her at  a time when my mood was rising by the hour after a night in general hospital with no sleep.  After I hade lodged formal complaints, she branded me an attention seeker and complained that I had spoken to her Line Manager and the Official Complaints Officeat Hellesdon about her lack of compassion, empathy and willingness to communicate.

    I have now been assigned a different CPN after a difficult,  formal meeting with all concerned and a private meeting which followed, with her Line Manager.  But the anger and sheer frustration of not being listened to, have fuelled the rise in mood,  It is not the illnes which has caused this, is it he lack of a service, deemed to have been delivered, by ticking the box  that a “home visit” has been made !!!

    ** The big new plan for the future of the service delivered by NSFHT at the end of November 2014 is for many many clients, going back to the “dark ages” of the Mental health Services of the 1960’s. No CPN’s, no Crisis Team, no CMHT, only a psychiatrist and your GP – and you only got to see the psychiatrist once you had become psychotic.

    **  Has anyone else out there had similar experiences?

  10. A very concerned mummy says:

    My son nearly died due to him not meeting the criteria for Crisis Team. He was only 18 at the time and is a silent depressive which anyone who knows there salt will know that’s the most dangerous kind. So hadn’t self harmed or said he wasn’t suicidal, yet I know that’s how close he was. This was back in September 2021, so they referred us to well-being who in their words “it’s going to talk too long to get him the help he needs so please look into private therapy ASAP! In the meantime we will put him on our urgent list”…which we are still waiting for a call from to start. Thankfully I found a brilliant therapist who helped at a price I could afford and he’s now recovering slowly.
    Also my daughter who’s only 9 and under CAMHS has been terribly let down and her mental health is now due to their actions. This time is was Children’s services who suggested I went private if possible as this is happening far too often and she had seen the damage first had. So now I’m skipping meals so I can pay for both of my children to go through therapy that should be on the NHS!

    also ALL the admin staff in CAMHS left a few weeks ago!!


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