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29th Day of Lent: Going without beds for both husband and wife

Locked door

Luke writes:

“A few weeks ago an 86 year old man needed admission. He was sectioned, and after FOUR hours of phone calls a bed was eventually found… in SCUNTHORPE. Yes, the nearest available bed to Norfolk and Suffolk was SCUNTHORPE. However, there was no ambulance service available to take him, private or public. So, his wife was removed for her own safety and had to sleep on a chair in the lounge of the sheltered complex while he was locked into his flat. This is NOT care in the community.  It is a disgrace.  The Trust likes to see this service user and carer’s experience as an ‘exception’, but the fact is that it has become much more frequent than it would like to admit.”

Still, NSFT claims it has enough beds. Still, NSFT is trying to close more.

One thought on “29th Day of Lent: Going without beds for both husband and wife

  1. Jonathan Hillam says:

    An appalling story. This couple were failed by ambulance, social care and mental health services. Beds for older people are at a premium, yet many are occupied by people who do not need not be in hospital. Or are in “older peoples” beds because of no beds elsewhere.

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