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14 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. sally smith says:

    Seems odd, Doesn’t seem to matter what happens at this Trust, no one is ever held to account. There isn’t a process as far as I can see whereby the staff can actually say to the board ‘ we think you are incompetent’ and ‘you have made terrible decisions’.

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  3. Fiona Watts says:

    Sally Smith; the reason why the board structure is altered so regularly could be done in order to prevent anyone being responsible for the mistakes from the previous four years.

    Since moving to Suffolk, my experience of Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust has been an unpleasant one.

    Following my resignation from teaching  post that I had been head hunted for,  my doctor referred me to The Mental Health Services with false data including the factually incorrect data that I had children in care. I have not had children!

    My health records log a miscarriage.

    It seemed that the more I protested about the false data to the staff – the more I was sucked into a Kafka-esque nightmare!

    I believe the problems with the service provided between 2009 and 2013 was due to the shocking attitude that staff at the Bury St Edmunds branch had towards their patients.

    The issue for the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust Board is whether it monitored and checked whether patients were put at risk. This risk to service users could be due to poor training, poor funding and stressed out and over-worked staff, or it could be that some staff working in the trust are a liability and too dangerous to work with vulnerable people.

    I have reached the end of my tether with the way that the team in Bury St Edmunds have pro-actively covered up the misfeasance in public office of their fellow team members. It seems that staff rather sacrifice the mental health and well being of patients’ rather than admit errors by doctors and division managers.

    I’m all for saving a service – if it is fit for purpose. But, since moving to Suffolk, I have been witness to shocking cover ups by staff who seem too pro-active and willing to risk patient safety in order to cover up their mistakes.




    • m says:

      I hope you made a formal complaint….I appreciate that you will feel that this will be a white wash…but a formal request to have your notes seen / altered could be useful as well.???

    • ut says:

      Same in Norfolk. The more you know about their errors, the more they attack and then leave you on your own.

  4. Mr P. Ashford says:

    No one ever held to account, how true. On the word of a fantasist the pychiatrist [redacted] declared my father a peadophile , she nows hides behind her £300 (ex VAT) bill paid by me! How much would we pay a consultant?

    • Andy says:

      Hi Greg. Your video has been taken down. Are you able to send it to me? I am interested as I am seeking a Judicial Revue against the NSFT for various serious offences and I think it might be of use to me. Thanks Andy.

  5. Raymond Graves says:

    I was sectioned by a luny phychiatrist. Held for three months before NHS gave up and let me out. There was nothing wrong with me. Another luny phycho (pshychiatrist) called Weatherley took my phone apart when I mentioned I was able to record him!


    I knew a good person who committed suicide after seeing these clowns-they failed to detain him when he was a clear danger to himself having been found on Orwell Bridge alone contemplating things.

  6. Rosemary Jones says:

    The previous CEO – Aidan Thomas, engendered a culture of fear at Cambridge and Peterborough Foundation Trust, dreadful. He was followed by a medically illiterate ex CCG CEO Ms Dowling, equally dreadful. The only way out to restore safe conditions for patients is to display the Department of Health’s excellent directives (2014) in all facilities with a hotline for when patients and carers know they are being contravened.

  7. Margaret Hall says:

    May I thank the investigative journalism and the Care Quality Control Team who have shed light into a dark, sorrowful place – namely Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.

    It is a relief to have open acknowledgement of our loved ones struggles; many of whom, ti would seem, have lost their lives unnecessarily – my own beloved son amongst them.

    Please continue with your thorough investigations.

  8. samantha says:

    we need to protest at the TRUST head qtrs we are a big comminity and the deaths accuring year after year needs to be stopped , if we shot 100 healthy people in norwich by firing sqd we would be in violation of human rights , this county is a joke and the people leading protests are not hard enough headed

  9. Stacy Dickerson says:

    Who do I get in contact about a mental health nurse who has abused all power and causing a lot of destress so so much so that this so called mental health nurse told me to commit suicide and to drink gin and take more tablets and die! If no one helps me I shall go to the press!!!! Because I did actually tried to commit suicide and I want her reported!!!!!

  10. Mike Gay says:

    I have also suffered at the hands of an incompetent counselor [redacted] who one can see from her notes lied and has omitted the things I said that she was mentally torturing me  now  launching formal complaint it will be another whitewash undoubtedly as investigator was copied my notes during the counseling sessions impartial I think certainly not!


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