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NSFTcrisis: Who we are and why we do what we do

A couple of weeks ago Jim Mortram kindly let us take over his twitter feed for a week. The posts tell a story about our campaign so we thought we would collate them into one piece. See below:


Thanks to @JAMortram for inviting us, @NSFTcrisis, to take-over his tweets this week. We will tell our campaign story (why we exist, our concerns, and what we want) with a different theme each day. See our website for more information

Who are @NSFTcrisis ? Our campaign was founded in 2013 by staff, service-users and carers concerned about cuts to mental health services in Norfolk and Suffolk. See 2013 article

Since  @NSFTcrisis was formed things have got worse at @NSFTtweets. Founder member @TCemma is fed up of giving the same speech for nearly a decade! Here she is at a recent march for Mental health

A family member tells us why she is still campaigning for @NSFTcrisis and why @NSFTtweets have failed her family

A founder member of @NSFTcrisis was the late Terry O’Shea. He kept @NSFTtweets on their toes with his acerbic challenges. He gave his all to our campaign:

Campaigners from @NSFTcrisis have raised over and again the bed shortage and the misery created by out-of-area bed placements by @NSFTtweets Our Chair, Mark Harrison, explains the problem:

Our campaign @NSFTcrisis exists because our community deserves safe, effective, and compassionate mental health services. Too many have lost their lives and something needs to change:


Our @JAMortram take-over @NSFTcrisis theme today is the way @NSFTtweets go from failure to failure. The leadership is a big part of the problem. Here we explain why the CEOs are failing:

In 2015 @NSFTtweets was the first trust in the country to be placed in ‘special measures’ by the CQC. In 2022 they were rated ‘inadequate’ for the 4th time. @NSFTcrisis want NSFT disbanded:

We have marched several times over the last decade to protest about unsafe mental health services. Hundreds have attended these. @NSFTcrisis demands action now:

At @NSFTcrisis we tackle serious issues head on and are not afraid to challenge @NSFTtweets or the wider system. Sometimes we cannot resist having some fun with a cheeky meme.

Over the years campaigners have taken our protest to Parliament. In July @NSFTcrisis met with our regions MPs to share our concerns about @NSFTtweets:


In today’s take-over of @JAMortram’s twitter, @NSFTcrisis focus on those let down by mental health services. Our campaign has supported hundreds of service-users, staff, carers and bereaved relatives since our inception.

This 2016 article by @JAMortram about Tilney1 (who has schizophrenia) and Terry Skyrme (a @NSFTcrisis campaigner) illustrates the problems at @NSFTtweets:

At @NSFTcrisis we are concerned about the people abandoned by @NSFTtweets and mental health services. Some of whom sadly die. Like Nicola and Christopher Long:

Vulnerable people are being transported by @NSFTtweets to out of area beds. Some like Neil Jewell or Peggy Copeman never come back. @NSFTcrisis is fighting for this to stop:

Parents send children to uni in Norfolk and Suffolk. Services here are so bad that some never go home. Like Tobi Stevens and Theo Brennan-Hulme who asked for help from @NSFTtweets but ignored.

Too many people have died on @NSFTtweets wards in repeated mistakes. Our @NSFTcrisis campaigners have repeatedly raised concerns about the way coroners do not hold the trust to account. Lewis Begley was one example of a preventable death:


Today in our @NSFTcrisis take-over of @JAMortram’s account we focus on the LostLivesNSFT We believes that @NSFTtweets has lost count of how many of their patients have died. We think it’s in excess of 2,500 since our inception.

.@NSFTcrisis  placed hearts at @NSFTtweets sites in memory of those who lost their lives.

Coroners have repeatedly criticised @NSFTtweets over deaths. They have even falsified records. At  @NSFTcrisis we are committed to holding those responsible to account:

Young people, like Mary Bush aged 15, have died waiting for help from @NSFTtweets. At @NSFTcrisis our campaigners care about each of these losses.


At @NSFTcrisis we are fed up of waiting for things to improve. We want to see @NHSEngland, the CQC and commissioners take action now to prevent more deaths at @NSFTtweets.

The damage done by endless @NSFTtweets waiting list is incalculable. @NSFTcrisis want waiting lists to be better managed. In this video young people explain how it has impacted them:

At @NSFTcrisis we think @NSFTtweets have been ‘getting away with it’ for too long. Something must change.

One of our @NSFTcrisis campaigners has written about her son’s death. He Died Waiting. In this article @David_Powles talks to her about why she campaigns and @NSFTtweets;

Our @NSFTcrisis campaigners carry on fighting for safe and effective mental health services. Some of us have contributed to @waiting_he and @TCemma forthcoming book They Died Waiting which is out soon.

We would like to thank @JAMortram for allowing @NSFTcrisis the opportunity to take-over his twitter this week. Please support our campaign.

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