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Submissions needed for Parliamentary Inquiry into adult social care funding

Dear supporter of the Campaign for Mental Health Services in North Norfolk,
It has been brought to our attention that a Parliamentary Inquiry into the long-term funding of adult social care is under way, and that they want responses by Thursday 15th April. This inquiry has not been given any publicity, meaning that there is now a very tight deadline for submitting responses.

However, we do think it is important that as many people as possible respond, in view of the terrible experiences of social care staff and service users during the pandemic, which is closely connected to the current crisis in mental health. So please go to web page below and reply directly (terms of reference further below in this email). If you want, you can send a copy of your response to me at this email address so that we can use it for our campaigning, but you will need to respond directly to the inquiry yourself.
Many thanks,
Martin Booth, Chair Campaign for Mental Health Services in North Norfolk

Inquiry on the long term funding of adult social care.

Terms of reference

The Committee invites submissions on some or all of the following questions:

  • How has covid-19 changed the landscape for long-term funding reform of the adult social care sector?
  • How should additional funds for the adult social care sector be raised?
  • How can the adult social care market be stabilised?
  • How can the adult social care market be incentivised to compete on quality and/or innovation?

Submit evidence

The Committee welcomes evidence on the questions set out in the terms of reference above. You can find out more about how to give evidence here, or by visiting the inquiry page here. If you have direct experience of the issues we investigate we would love to hear from you.

The deadline for submissions is 15 April 2021.

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