2 thoughts on “What’s so special about Friday The 13th?”

  1. What is so special about Friday 13th?
    The interim Chief Executive Director says, “Anyone who cares about mental health services in Norfolk and Suffolk is going to be disappointed in these results, as we are at NSFT.”
    Anybody receiving care services from NSFT are relieved that the CQC have found the Trust lacking particularly at Board level and in the domain of safety. Please Julie Cave listen to your service users and carers. We are not disappointed. We are relieved.

  2. NSFT front line staff have all the characteristics of an neglected dog. Those in charge pat us on the head when keeping up appearances dictates but mostly we get kicked in the ribs on a regular basis, fed contradictory and often misleading information when all we want is a straight answer – these are simply not forthcoming.

    Top level management seem utterly disconnected from the reality of trying to deliver the objectives set out with the resources to hand. They are adept at management speak and platitudes but can offer little of substance because in reality these top level managers have a vested interest in smoothing over the crises to preserve the illusion that the service is functioning. If I was on 100k+ per year and my job depended upon disguising the dysfunction with deceit and double speak then what motivation have I got to tell the truth?


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