25th September 2014: Cardboard City Protest at HealthEast CCG meeting deciding the fate of Carlton Court

Cardboard City

Great Yarmouth and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (HealthEast) is making its decision about Carlton Court on Thursday 25th September, 2014. The meeting starts at 1.30 p.m. but we’ll be holding a demonstration beforehand from 1 p.m – the theme is lack of beds, so bring along a big cardboard box and a sleeping bag for our cardboard city!

This meeting is an opportunity for us to ask questions about what is happening – there is time set aside in the agenda for questions from the public – and to show that mental health does matter to the public.

We’re particularly concerned about whether the CCGs are retreating into their own geographical areas resulting in a fragmentation of the mental health system in Norfolk and Suffolk. We’re also worried about whether Norfolk and Suffolk, as a whole, can afford to lose any capacity. Recently, staff who have moved have told our campaign that the cannot believe both the higher demand for beds and the greater complexity of cases in central Norfolk. We don’t want to see the emergence of postcode lotteries in care. Sadly, most of the local CCGs are not as open as HealthEast.

If you need help with transport, let us know in the comments below and we will try to help you. Some people with cars will be leaving the Vauxhall Centre in Norwich at noon but it would be best if you get in touch beforehand so we can make sure we can safely transport all those who want to make the journey. This isn’t going to be our biggest turnout given that people need to get to Beccles at lunchtime on a Thursday, so do come along and support us if you can. If you can offer transport, please let us know.

The venue is NHSGYWCCG, Beccles House, 1 Common Lane North, Beccles, NR34 9BN. Please note that Beccles train station is just off the bottom of the map. Visit Google Maps or scroll the map down a little to see the train station.


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