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38th Day of Lent: Going without the Medical Director

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The Medical Director of Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT), the sole medical doctor and highest paid executive director of NSFT, is leaving the NSFT Board this summer. Dr Hadrian Ball is not retiring as a doctor or leaving NSFT, as he is going back to clinical practice until January 2015.

How many more of the NSFT Board will leave over the next few months?

Will NSFT clinicians have a place on the real recruitment panels for their replacements? They certainly didn’t when it came to choosing the new Chief Executive.

5 thoughts on “38th Day of Lent: Going without the Medical Director

  1. Pete says:

    Would this be the same medical director who expressed surprise when I told him we were having to use private beds? Idiot. Up against the wall with the lot of them.


    • Anna K says:

      The above comment is offensive and should be taken down.

      • JamesR says:

        Personally I find service-users in need of help and not getting it, or being fobbed off with this 4-hour “fast track” assessment scam (which is actually no more than them being registered without getting treatment), far more offensive! As Medical Director, Dr Ball was complicit in that con and it is right that he should fall on his sword!

        What a shame that the rest of them don’t take personal responsibility for anything!

  2. James says:

    This trust just lurches from one crisis to another. No lessons are being learned and the board don’t seem to care what anyone thinks besides that pointless little rag, the EDP.

    The loss of Hadrian Ball is no great loss at all and hardly surprising. Now if we can just persuade the rest of the dead wood to follow suit, NSFT might actually stand a chance of avoiding being put into special measures!

    • Shine On says:

      today’s paper clarifies that Dr Ball is retiring from his post in 2015. This will mean a huge pension and the opportunity to practice as a locum or similar later. There will be no consequence for clinically leading this appalling Radical Redesign. I’m sure other diectors will soon jump ship too, reputation unsullied and financially buoyant. Meanwhile clinicians continue to drown in oppressive autocratic and demeaning posts waiting to be disempowered further. People who use the service continue to be fobbed off and sit on waiting lists to be juggled according to who may be most at risk of harming himself on each given day. A tragedy of epic proportions.

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