EDP: Troubled mental health service to get help from Nottingham

Tom Bristow of the EDP reports:

Monitor, which placed the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust (NSFT) in special measures in February, has arranged for staff from Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to improve services and staffing levels in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Monitor said in a statement: “Access to this advice and expertise will enable Norfolk and Suffolk to adopt best practice and support the significant changes in care needed for its mental health and learning disability patients.”

A member of the public, el84, comments:

It is time that Michael Scott & the rest of his inept board did something right for a change & resigned & handed the management of the trust over to people who will do what they are paid to do, manage the trust, not mismanage it into the ground. The Lib Dem manifesto, claims they are “serious about mental health.” Yet this is the mental health trust providing “care & support” for the constituency for Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb, who is minister for care & support. Not exactly a glowing example of mental health care or the Lib Dems commitment to mental health.

Click on the image below to read the full story on the EDP website:

EDP Troubled mental health service to get help from Nottingham

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