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Yet another death: Enough is enough


Today, another young women has died after Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) ignored her family’s desperate pleas for help.

Yet another ‘unexpected death‘ to add to the statistics. Yet another inquest.

For how much longer can the NHS be allowed to let down families in East Anglia in their hours of greatest need?


2 thoughts on “Yet another death: Enough is enough

  1. Jenny Greenwald says:

    It’s not intimately down to poor staff, it’s down to poor resources. It’s not the trusts fault.
    I used to work in the crisis team. Due to the amount of increased referrals, (more people in crisis because so fewer CPNs or therapists) we had no choice but to only take on the people that were in absolute dire need.
    Myself and other colleagues HATED turning people away- we came into nursing to care! But, unfortunately the government are just not supplying enough money to meet the increased demand.

  2. adamhunter says:

    I think that when you have 2 suicide attempts in 3 weeks, the 7th in all, that constitutes absolute need. They sent this young woman home without any support whatsoever. Her 3rd attempt in 5 weeks was the one that ended her life! The crisis team failed multiple times to take this young woman seriously. Do you think being dead constitutes “absolute need” now Jenny?


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