EDP: Third CCG boss resigns inside three months

Nicholas Carding of the Eastern Daily Press reports:

Dr Sue Crossman, chief officer of West Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), today announced she has resigned after seven years as the health commissioning lead for West Norfolk.

It follows the resignations of Andy Evans, of Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG, earlier this month, and Mark Taylor – of North Norfolk CCG in June.

West Norfolk CCG, rated as ‘requires improvement’ by NHS England, is this year tasked with making savings of £9.8m.

Sue Crossman boosted her NHS pension by thousands of pounds per year when she increased her annual salary by £5,000 to £115,000 in 2014-15. The top bureaucrat salary bill at West Norfolk CCG increased by a staggering 22 per cent in the last year for which we have accounts (2014-15). All this as front line NHS services were slashed and failing. When the CCG bureaucrats make vicious cuts to front line services, they claim to be powerless in the face of national funding and formulae. When the CCG bureaucrats justify their enormous salaries, they talk about local decision-making and accountability. These people are without shame.

We will be monitoring the Annual Reports of the CCGs to discover how much these so-called  ‘resignations’ are costing the NHS.

£120,000 per year Mark Taylor, the former Chief Executive of North Norfolk CCG, promised the Norfolk County Council Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) that out of area placements would end by May 2014. He didn’t do it; in fact, the bed crisis became much worse.

The salary of Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG’s Andy Evans was at least £10,000 per year more than it should have been according to national guidelines: which means his pension will be thousands of pounds higher too.

Of course, bureaucrats are immortal:

Dr Crossman will leave her post at the end of the calendar year. She will continue to work with the NHS on innovation programmes across England.

‘Innovation’, ‘programme’ and ‘change management’ in the NHS generally translates to reorganisation, chaos and bureaucracy. The main ‘innovations’ are golden handshakes, moving on before the ‘innovation programme’ is shown to be a total waste of money, increased salaries and grand but unfathomable new job titles. NHS England alone employs 6,000 bureaucrats playing the NHS Blame Game.

Dr Kathy Chapman, the architect of the radical redesign at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, was rewarded for her ‘success’ with ‘promotion’ to a national job. Worryingly, NHS England’s Five Year Forward View repeats on a national level many of the dangerous and discredited assumptions of the ‘radical redesign’ and largely ignores the needs of those with the most profound and enduring mental ill health.

The EDP has reported that the CCGs in Norfolk and Waveney are spending an astonishing £472,000 with accountancy firm KPMG on management consultancy for the next wasteful reorganisation and cuts to services: Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP).

Meanwhile, more and more NHS services are closed and cut.

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  1. All the CCGs in Norfolk should resign except for one the savings on duplicate salaries would be phenomenal. This money could then be put into Mental Health Services, GPS, A& E, 999 services. At least then they wouldn’t have to argue amongst themselves and have meetings about meets. I see some have jumped before they have been pushed.

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