EDP: Graphic – The large rise in the number of patients dying unexpectedly at the NSFT

EDP Graphic the large rise in the number of patients dying unexpectedly at the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust

In 2012-13, 7.3 patients of Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) died unexpectedly each month.

Each and every year since, the number of patients of NSFT dying unexpectedly has increased significantly.

Our campaign was founded in 2013 by staff concerned about unnecessary deaths as a result of the cuts and chaos of the radical redesign at NSFT.

More than two years ago, in 2014, at the NSFT Board of Directors meeting in Swaffham, we raised concerns about increasing and preventable deaths as a result of the radical redesign. A director of NSFT shamefully demanded that our questions were struck from the minutes. That director is still a member of the Board of NSFT.

In 2015, when we asked for the release of NSFT’s statistics on unexpected deaths, the Chair of NSFT, Gary Page, refused. Gary Page remains the Chair of NSFT.

In the time that NSFT has been in Special Measures, the number of deaths has continued to climb significantly.

In each of the first two months of 2016-17, 21 patients have died. Never have so many patients of NSFT died unexpectedly. These are tragic and shameful records.

In only four years, the number of unexpected deaths at NSFT has increased threefold.

How can the Board of NSFT be deemed safe, well-led or responsive while the number of deaths continues to climb and NSFT remains so complacent?

Until NSFT is properly funded and run in the best interests of patients, rather than in the narrow self-interest of the NSFT Board and its most senior managers, the experience of service users, carers and front line staff will not improve.

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  1. AThey never learn. They need to increase the hours that the Norwich Mind Mental Health line is open back to 24/7 they helped save lives. The Crisis teams need a shake up & the CCGs need reducing to 1 to save paying out 5 salaries for the same thing. They never listen to the service users of which I am one and not ashamed to admit it. mental Health patients are calling out for help and no one listens. Just employ huge salaried bosses to put things right!!!! Never mind the Staff at ground level or the patients. MENTAL HEALTH IS AN ILLNESS & SILENT KILLER.

    Powers that be start listening to people that know.

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