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Fixed, Flawed Farce: Part 1: ‘No decisions about me, without me’

Below is a list of the people interviewed in the so-called ‘wide range of engagement meetings with local stakeholders’ during the £58,000 Beds Review.

Thirty-nine are senior employees of Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT).

Five are commissioning bureaucrats.

None are service users.

None are bereaved relatives.

None are carers.

None are from patient or carer organisations.

None are from the voluntary sector.

None are service user, carer or public governors.

None are from the police.

None are Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs).

None are from the emergency services.

None are coroners.

None are democratically-elected local councillors or Members of Parliament (MPs).

So much for ‘No decision about me, without me.’

Then again, this shameful behaviour is par for the course for NSFT, which forced through the appointment of a senior bureaucrat to lead stakeholder engagement whom stakeholders didn’t want. What a fine job that appointee has made of ensuring stakeholder representation in the beds review.

Gary Page and his NSFT Board of Shame would rather close its meetings half an hour early than take public questions.

The beds review is a flawed, fixed farce.

  1. Alison Armstrong, Director of Operations, Suffolk, NSFT
  2. Dr Larry Ayuba, Consultant Psychiatrist, NSFT (telephone interview)
  3. Andy Barton, Manager, Home Treatment Team, Suffolk, NSFT
  4. Maureen Begley, Commissioning Manager, Mental Health, Norfolk County Council
  5. Dr Nagendra Bendi, Consultant Psychiatrist, Crisis & Home Treatment Team, Norfolk, NSFT
  6. Steve Birt, Care Pathway & Discharge Nurse, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, NSFT
  7. David Bullivent, Interim Manager, Suffolk, NSFT
  8. Julie Cave, Finance Director / Deputy Chief Executive, NSFT
  9. Laz Chirimunjiri, Deputy Service Manager (Acute), NSFT
  10. Jane Coates, Acute Service Manager, Woodlands, Suffolk, NSFT
  11. Pauline Davies, Locality Manager, West Norfolk, NSFT
  12. Dr Stephen Dye, PICU Consultant Psychiatrist, Woodlands, Suffolk, NSFT
  13. Dr Luk Ho, Consultant Psychiatrist, Fermoy Unit, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn, NSFT
  14. Matt Jackson, Clinical Team Leader, Woodlands, Suffolk, NSFT
  15. Donan Kelly, Service Director, Suffolk NSFT (telephone interview)
  16. Charlie Loades, CTL, PICU, Norfolk, NSFT
  17. Dr Martyn, Crisis & Home Treatment Team, Norfolk, NSFT
  18. Emma Mertens, CTL, Thurne Ward, NSFT
  19. Dr Albert Michael, Consultant Psychiatrist, NSFT
  20. Del Mitchell, Community Service Manager, NSFT (telephone interview)
  21. Micki Munro, Manager, Older Peoples Services, NSFT
  22. Dr Tony Palframan, GP Poringland, member of South Norfolk CCG
  23. Kris Panvalkar, Modern Matron, Suffolk, NSFT
  24. Steph Payne, Deputy Service Manager, NSFT
  25. Dr Vivien Peeler, Consultant Psychiatrist, Home Treatment Team, Suffolk, NSFT
  26. Dr Simi Periera, Consultant Psychiatrist, NSFT
  27. Ruth Pillar, Service Manager, Older Peoples Services, Norfolk, NSFT
  28. Dr Judy Rubenstein, Consultant Psychiatrist, Later Life, Bury St Edmunds, NSFT
  29. Jane Sayer, Director of Nursing, Quality & Patient Safety, NSFT
  30. Mike Seaman, Acute Service Manager, NSFT
  31. Michael Scott, Chief Executive, NSFT
  32. Homayoun Sepehrara, Team Manager, Crisis & Home Treatment Team, Norfolk, NSFT (telephone interview)
  33. Dr Bohdan Solomka, Medical Director, NSFT
  34. Dr Suzanne Stacey, Consultant Psychiatrist, Willows Ward, Woodlands, Suffolk, NSFT
  35. Darren Stanton, Clinical Lead, Crisis & Home Treatment Team, Norfolk, NSFT (telephone interview)
  36. Veno Sunghuttee, Associate Director of Operations, Norfolk, NSFT
  37. Dr Rosalind Tandy, GP & West Suffolk Governing Body Member
  38. Dr Uju Ugochukwu, Consultant Psychiatrist, Early Intervention in Psychosis Service, NSFT (telephone interview)
  39. Dr Hugo de Waal, Consultant Psychiatrist in Old Age Psychiatry, NSFT
  40. Debbie White, Director of Operations, Norfolk & Waveney, NSFT
  41. Euan Williamson, Integrated Mental Health Commissioning Manager, NHS North Norfolk CCG and Norfolk County Council
  42. Matt Wilson, Interim Project Manager, NSFT
  43. Karen Wood, Transformation Lead, Mental Health, West Suffolk CCG
  44. Lesley Workman, Acting Service Manager, Later Life Services, NSFT

One thought on “Fixed, Flawed Farce: Part 1: ‘No decisions about me, without me’

  1. Allwillbewell says:

    £58k wasted. If they’d asked anyone who wasn’t a ‘yes man’ the outcome would have not been what they wanted.

    Corrupt to the core.

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