Concerns about MP George Freeman’s position of support after press interview

There was shock and anger after the ITV evening coverage was shown, with George Freeman explaining that the Trust should not be broken up and that the trust was bring run by

World Class Leaders

12/03/24 ITV Anglia

Many members were trying to question why and how he explained it in that way as there has been mentions of the new INTERIM CEO’s good work, however there has never been a mention of world class leaders in any part of the leadership. We were all taken aback by these comments especially when the morning before the meeting happened he had tweeted the importance of highlighting the problems at the trust and retweeting the campaign tweets.

And then within the parliamentary meeting George was saying:

“9 CEO’s and 3 chairs in the last decade or so…no continuity. What worries me is that we have given it 4 years saying lets get the management in, Caroline Donovan is the interim, she maybe very experienced etc etc but she’s only there as a temporary individual and so what worries me is no continuity at the top of the organisation but also the staff level…the vacancy rate must be enormous.. “

This confusion and anger then proceeded for this to be uploaded on the MP’s Facebook on 13/03/2024. To try and reassure his support. The members of this campaign know that words, promises or plans don’t hold the weight, it’s the actions and real intent behind them that holds far more. So let us see if this quick turn in the media will hold more than just reputation once again. Let’s start to see some real changes.

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