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We are the largest grassroots local mental health campaign in the country with over 2,300 supporters. Started by front line staff and people who reply on NHS mental health services in Norfolk and Suffolk, we are fighting the cuts and 'radical redesign' at Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. We are also proud to help other local and national mental health campaigns.


The main aims for 2024:

To get a public statutory inquiry. We hope if we are able to get a public statuary inquiry, it would finally look into all of the failings, coverups, management issues and institutional abuse within this organisation that most of our members and many of the Norfolk and Suffolk public have endured and witnessed. Let alone the deaths crisis within the trust, which has now been uncovered with joint efforts of the commissioned Grant Thornton report but also the incredible effort of 3 authors who wrote their own report ‘Forever Gone’. You can read that report here as a free resource:

We are trying to get a public statutory inquiry due to the legal nature which acts to compel witnesses to give evidence, offers safeguards and controversially, limits the governments control into discretion. This would not only be beneficial when looking at the NHS, which is a government institution, but considering the public coverups we have already witnessed from NSFT and their poor practice of note taking and data gathering, this type of enquiry would be imperative.

We hope this will not only uncover the cover-ups, corruption and damage caused by the trust and the overseers and regulators. We also hope to get some justice for the bereaved families and the people who have been harmed by their failings.

Please be aware, and also look after yourselves

We understand some of this is hard reading, sad truths and some posts express the frustration with injustice. Please read with care. Opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the various contributors and not necessarily shared by the Campaign. Comments are not moderated. If you believe a post is abusive, inaccurate or offensive, please get in touch.

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