Gallery: What care in the community can really look like

David’s story was told in a powerful piece of journalism by Nikki Fox on BBC Look East this evening.

David died prematurely of pneumonia in squalor, without hot water or heating, aged only 52 years old in Ipswich, Suffolk. He deserved better.

Please sign the petition demanding an inquest.

David’s brother, Steve, writes:

“The thing that most people missed about David was that he was just a really good bloke, he’d do anything for a mate and wouldn’t put up with anything like animal cruelty, racism or bullying. He’d stick up for the little guy and had friends stay with him, long term that had serious disabilities and illness so he could care for them.

He was a poet and an artist and was incredibly intelligent. His knowledge of history and current affairs had him able to debate with the best of them.

He was loved by his family. His nephew and nieces were charmed by his roguish mischief and entertained by his ability to mock his own siblings and conspire with the children.

In his world he was a warrior and a hero. His episodes threw him into the role of saving the world and defending the innocent. He never let his fear stop him, his disabilities alter him or society shape his thinking.

“You wouldn’t let a dog sleep in there” Community Care Worker.

“David in his own environment.” Assistant practitioner.

These ‘carers’ missed who he was. Our family relied on their expertise and professionalism to care for him.

My fear is that there are more David’s out there that are being cared for in a similar way. 52 was too young to die in filth and squalor. A lack of dignity and compassion is a cut too far.”

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7 thoughts on “Gallery: What care in the community can really look like”

  1. My deepest condolences to his family and my assurance that the memory of David and the neglect he endured at the hands of government cuts will underpin my continued campaigning.

    Maybe others will be saved a similar fate. I am very very sad that David was not.

  2. Every Board director of NSFT, every director of the CCGs, every Governor of the trust should have been made to visit David’s flat after he died. Norman Lamb should have been made to clean it. They should have been forced to go to his funeral and speak to his friends and family. They need to understand the consequences of their own actions.

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