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Couldn’t Run a Bath: Lorenzo Part VI ‘Please try to log-in’

The Muppet bathtub

Wednesday 20 May 2015 08:22

We are still awaiting a final resolution to the access issue for Lorenzo.

HSCIC are continuing to work on the issue as a priority. So far over 1,000 unique users have managed to log-in and use Lorenzo. We have a fix for users who are only able access one tab in Lorenzo and will be emailing those staff directly to ask them to confirm it’s working.

Please can all staff try and log-in to Lorenzo again this morning either via clinical applications or the desktop icon.

If you receive an error message when trying to log-in please make sure you capture your error messsage, if it is a different error message to the one you received previously then please log this via the ICT web log making sure to provide full details along with your Smartcard and IMT number. It is really important that you pay attention to the error message as this may change as we carry out fixes, and some of these we have specific fixes for so it’s vital we know what new messages you get.

If you are unable to log-in then please continue MH CareNotes and downtime forms until further notice. Clinical notes should be completed on paper and kept with the downtime forms until they can be entered into Lorenzo.

We will keep you posted on our progress throughout the day, thank you again for your patience and understanding.

Leigh Howlett, Director of Strategy and Resources

2 thoughts on “Couldn’t Run a Bath: Lorenzo Part VI ‘Please try to log-in’

  1. Backstreet Bob says:

    So it seems Lorenzo has claimed its first victim.

    Just so everyone is clear, Lorenzo was rushed in by people who poorly understood the complexities of the business change and understood even less well the neccessity of properly testing a new system before you start relying upon it.

    The poor ufortunate man who was fished out of the river will not be the last to die whilst the NSFT staff are busy trying to make sense of a poorly designed and hopelessly implemented IT system.

    Lorenzo is a tattered remnant of the abandoned ‘connecting for health’ plan instigated by the Blair government. CSC is a large US based corporation who develop software but also have a sideline in kidnapping people and sending them to ‘black’ sites to be tortured.

    Sounds incredible.. maybe – but it is true.

    Lorenzo is untested as a fully integrated approach within mental healthcare provision. NSFT had little option but to accept it as the system is ‘free’ at the point of delivery to the trust as opposed to competing systems which must be licenced at cost and NSFT’s financial issues are well documented elsewhere. This ‘freebie’ arrangement is a legacy of the billions that the DoH spent on the development of what is basically a huge white elephant of a system that will be foisted upon cash strapped trusts like NSFT in what is essentially a cynical face-saving measure for the DoH that trusted CSC to do a decent job in the first instance. Close inspection of CSC’s corporate ethics reveals this trust to have been seriously misplaced.

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