Impossible Searches for Help and Gaps in Care – ‘The Bodies Keep Piling Up’ – Pleas for Change from Bereaved Mothers.

One of the country’s worst mental health trusts is in the news again yesterday after calls from bereaved families grow. There is a push continuing for a public inquiry into unexpected deaths, and pleas for change due to gaps in crisis care and impossible searches for help. Emma Woolfenden, the mother of Kai Mogg, 18, who took his own life, still needs answers. She has had first hand experience of the dysfunctional trust that continues to relay its message that it is on a ‘journey of improvement’. Ms Woolfenden tells ITV about how her son was let down by emergency services when he was struggling.

Mark Harrison explains the want for a criminal investigation due thousands of unexpected deaths at NSFT, he said:

“The bodies keep piling up. It’s as brutal as that. The incident in Costessey just shows how dysfunctional the system is. Nobody is taking responsibility for delivering a public service. I would never want to be in the position of the call handler who had to deal with that public call and rather than say ‘Police will be there in five minutes’, had to say ‘Phone 111 – and good luck with that one.'”

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