12 Cuts of Christmas

Come back each day of Christmas to learn about the real impact of the Trust Service Strategy on the lives of mental health service users and staff:

1st Day of Cuts… Emily’s story

2nd Day of Cuts… T’s story

3rd Day of Cuts… Sarah’s story

4th Day of Cuts… Dave’s story

5th Day of Cuts… Sally’s story

6th Day of Cuts… Harold’s story

7th Day of Cuts… Florence’s story

8th Day of Cuts… Mary and Jo’s story

9th Day of Cuts… Maggie’s story

10th Day of Cuts… Fred’s story

11th Day of Cuts… Matt & Tina’s story

12th Day of Cuts… Sarah’s story

2 thoughts on “12 Cuts of Christmas”

  1. I’m a former service user of NSFT. Why are you trying to destroy the good work that these people are doing? Is it to satisfy some left-wing agenda? It’s people like me who this campaign is going to affect and not in a good way. If you’ve got a gripe then take it out on Cameron and his cronies, not the people who are trying to make things work!

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