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3 thoughts on “12 Cuts of Christmas

  1. James Roberts says:

    I’m a former service user of NSFT. Why are you trying to destroy the good work that these people are doing? Is it to satisfy some left-wing agenda? It’s people like me who this campaign is going to affect and not in a good way. If you’ve got a gripe then take it out on Cameron and his cronies, not the people who are trying to make things work!

  2. admin says:

    This campaign isn’t in any way critical of the professionalism and dedication of the front-line professionals who do all they can to deliver the best possible mental health services in Norfolk & Suffolk in what are increasingly difficult circumstances. Many members of staff and service users are actively involved in the Campaign which agreed its priorities at a public meeting attended by hundreds of staff and service users, which saw many more turned away for lack of space. The Campaign has nearly 1,250 supporters on Facebook. The Campaign isn’t following any ‘left-wing’ agenda – it has members from across the political spectrum – and will resist any attempt to portray it as partisan.

    The Campaign does oppose the historic underfunding of mental health and the NSFT Board’s collaboration with funding cuts, its wasteful and ill-thought out reorganisations and its disproportionate slashing of funding of front-line services to the most needy and vulnerable. Only since we began campaigning has the NSFT Board acknowledged there is a crisis in mental health services in Norfolk & Suffolk – before that the NSFT Board denied that cuts were taking place – only ‘improvements’ in the Panglossian world of the ‘radical redesign’. The Campaign is fighting to support the staff and to maintain the very services from which you benefited. We invite you to join us!

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