8th Day of Lent: Going without enough beds for young people

“However, there are still not enough mental health beds for young people on a local and national level, according to a new report commissioned by Healthwatch Norfolk.

Experts from the University of East Anglia interviewed patients, commissioners, and mental health workers for the review.

They concluded that patients felt that there was a lack of information provided to them about the unit in Oulton Broad and some said they felt “socially isolated” after being admitted. The report added that it was increasingly common to have to wait a week or more for an emergency admission.”

You can read more about the non-performance of NSFT CAMHS, subject to the biggest cuts of any CAMHS service in the country, here.

Whether you use mental health services, are a carer or member of staff, let us know your stories: we’re stronger together.

Read more from the award-winning Adam Gretton in the EDP by clicking the image below:

EDP Report calls for service improvements for young mental health patients in Norfolk

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