9th Day of Lent: Going without… hope

Sad Woman

Sally writes:

“Since the new Trust service strategy, my son will see his psychiatrist twice a year for a review of his medication and care plan. Over two decades I have attended every review my son has had. I found the last two of these reviews discouraging and frustrating. Medication is rarely altered. Care plans that should contain achievable movement towards recovery and therapy contain neither. My son is keen to move forward and receive appropriate therapy, but has been refused clinical treatment in favour of an individual budget, for which he has been waiting over a year. His CPN, through no fault of his own, has so many other patients to see that he will only be able to visit my son if he gets into a crisis.

I asked them, ‘What can you do for my son?’

‘Keep taking the tablets.’

I left the review bereft of hope, disillusioned, and very very sad.”

Whether you use mental health services, are a carer or member of staff, let us know your stories: we’re stronger together.

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