BBC News: Jonathan Collinson inquest: Call to GPs over depressed patients

The parents of a man who took his own life have urged doctors to be more prepared to call in urgent mental health teams when patients say they have thought of killing themselves.

Following the inquest Mrs Collinson paid tribute to her son, saying: “He was a DJ and loved music and involved in the DJ scene. He was a loving father. He was gentle and kind and we all miss him dearly.”

She and her husband Alan said they hoped doctors would be more prepared to urgently refer patients to crisis teams if they talked about the possibility of killing themselves.

“I hope that lessons will be learned from the inquest,” she told the BBC.

Mrs Collinson said mental health services in the county “needed more money” and she had joined the Campaign to Save Mental Health Services in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Read the full story on the BBC News website by clicking on the image below:

BBC News Jonathan Collinson inquest Call to GPs over depressed patients

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