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BBC News: Spend on patients out of area up 400pc


The BBC reports:

Spending on sending Norfolk and Suffolk mental health patients outside the two counties has risen four-fold in a year, new figures show.

The annual report for the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust says it spent £3.3m on placements outside the area in 2014-15 compared with £800,000 in 2013-14.

It says this was due to the increasing demands placed on the services.

The trust annual report says it spent £24.8m on temporary pay, 15% of the trust’s total pay bill and £8m higher than the previous year.

A report to the trust said the major reason for the deficit was spending on temporary staff and out of area placements.

Click on the image below to read Nic Rigby’s article on the BBC News website:

BBC News Spend on patients out of area up 400pc


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