Carer’s letter to the Guardian: ‘Will it be my relative next?’

15th October 2015

Despite family pleas for appropriate treatment, a long term user of Norfolk’s mental health services cut her own throat today.  Visited by a Social worker yesterday, she was “placed on the waiting list for assessment under the Mental Health Act” because when last seen she was observed to be suffering harrowing hallucinations at home alone.  She had just been discharged from care by the NSFT’s Apology for a real Mental Health Crisis in the Community Service.  About 6 weeks ago, she was rescued by police in Cambridge from motorway traffic where she wandered barefoot in a daze wearing only underwear.
At this moment A & E staff at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital work to save her life because of the failings of the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.  What is Alan Yates from Monitor actually achieving for this failed Trust placed in Special Measures some time ago?  What responsibility is the Chair (former Banker) prepared to take for this tragedy traumatizing the patient and the large and loving family?

Will it be my relative next?

Brenda Bentley

Brenda Bentley comments further: ‘She was discharged from Waveney one month ago having received the most superficial assessment and treatment despite family requests and this is the consequence.’

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