CQC 2014 Community Mental Health Survey: Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) is worst

Table two highlights trusts that scored ‘worse than expected’ for five or more questions across the questionnaire as a whole. Two trusts (Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust and Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust) were ‘worse than expected’ on 9 or more questions. In both cases the questions identified represent a spread across the various aspects of care covered within the survey.

Trusts listed in table two must review their performance as a matter of urgency to ensure that they are delivering good quality community mental health services across the areas included in this survey.

Table 2: trusts with high numbers of questions where their performance is ‘worse than expected’

Worst performing trusts in CQC 2014 Community Mental Health Survey

Click on the table to download the original pdf (large download). Pages seven and eight contain the information above regarding the worst performing trusts – i.e. NSFT.

10 thoughts on “CQC 2014 Community Mental Health Survey: Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) is worst”

  1. Purely from a financial perspective ( not addressing the huge ethical issues) It’s important for us all to understand that money is reduced nationally in mental health, but other mental health trusts are making better use of their finite funds. We don’t HAVE to be rubbish, but we do have to stop making huge errors of judgement . Stop paying huge redundancies and then reappointing the same staff. Appoint clinical staff to the community teams to avert crises before they escalate. We need to reduce the executive board and we need to stop spending on out of area beds by taking a longer term approach and opening more beds locally. No accountability. No redress. Shockingly poor governance.

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