Kept in the dark: Some of NSFT’s ideas to improve staff engagement

Kept in the Dark

Here are some of the ideas that the Board of Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) has told the Cabinet Office and the Department of Health it has planned to improve staff morale and engagement in its mutualisation proposals:

“[NSFT] is now developing radical new plans to again reduce costs. These include a root-and-branch review of activities which are unfunded or loss-making and exploring system-wide savings.”

“cost savings (e.g. from higher staff productivity, higher retention and less job demarcation)”

“remote staff from lower wage countries (e.g. via Skype)”

“Our poor levels of staff engagement and productivity, combined with the importance of these factors in mental health services, give us strong motivation to pursue mutualisation.”

In summary, leave the NHS and embark on another radical redesign.


4 thoughts on “Kept in the dark: Some of NSFT’s ideas to improve staff engagement”

  1. Keeping staff in the dark used to be known as mushroom management because of what is used as fertiliser in growing mushrooms. This seems appropriate as staff have been treated like **** for so long.

  2. ‘Remote staff from lower wage countries’……so the Board still haven’t a clue about the work the poor staff actually try to do then.!!!!.Obviously all the serious incidents, suicides, deaths, and negative publicity, and criticism from many experts and bodies who know what they are talking about have not made a scrap of difference to the Board’s plans. Well done have a pay bonus.

  3. Unbelieveable , what arrogance and total failure to learn from past mistakes . Let’s see if the CQC managed to get a flavour of the delusions our Board suffer from.

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