EDP: Latest: Health regulator Monitor “concerned” about N&N and mental health trust

Tom Briscow of the Eastern Daily Press reports:

Mrs Mills [of Monitor] said: “We are taking a closer look at NSFT to understand the way the Board works and why the trust is making such a big loss.

“The aim of the investigation is to get to the bottom of these issues and to understand whether or not we need to step in.”

NSFT chief executive Michael Scott has long argued for more money for mental health services.

“There are particular funding problems facing us in mental health and we welcome Monitor’s review,” he said.

“In the interests of our service users and staff, we are determined to see a fairer deal for mental health and we’re working to improve the culture and leadership of the trust.”

No comment from Norman Lamb, local MP for North Norfolk and Minister of State at the Department of Health with direct responsibility for mental health. Where is Norman ‘mental health champion’ Lamb?

Click on the image below to read the full story on the EDP website:

EDP Latest Health regulator Monitor concerned about N&N and mental health trust

4 thoughts on “EDP: Latest: Health regulator Monitor “concerned” about N&N and mental health trust”

  1. So the Trust’s obsession with sucking up to the EDP really paid off then! The first rule of dealing with the media is…don’t trust the b@stards as far as you can throw them!

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