mummabearuk: Introducing a new NSFT CAMHS blog [trigger alert]

mummabearuk CAMHS Blog

mummabearuk’s blog is well worth reading:

“A few weeks ago I attended a meeting about the crisis that exists with the Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health Service.  I heard a many people speak and they inspired me to start my blog.  Up until that point I had thought that the excuses I was being given about the lack of appropriate care and service for my daughter were limited to her case.  It became apparent that it was a much bigger problem – one that extended beyond the care for children and adolescents with mental health issues to EVERYONE with a mental health issue.”

Today she has written about Norman Lamb’s speech to the NHS Confederation Annual Conference 2014:

His local NHS Trust no longer has excellent mental health credentials and is spiralling downwards as each day passes. If he really cared about mental health services he would take a look in his own backyard and do something about it. Instead he makes empty pledges and hollow promises and, just as the NSFT executives do, thinks that those of us who genuinely do care about the quality of mental provision are going to either give up or go away quietly if we are ignored for long enough. They don’t realise that every time they refuse to engage with us and try to play down the crisis or pretend there is no crisis it just gives us more impetus to carry on and to raise our voices every day until someone actually listens. You see people’s lives are being at risk by the lack of funding, the radical redesign and the refusal to acknowledge that the changes aren’t working. We would be irresponsible to walk away from this and staff, service users and carers stand shoulder to shoulder with one voice as they realise that the stakes are too high to be silenced. We have a responsibility to our children, our families and future patients to ensure that they get the care and support they need not simply what NSFT thinks they are worth which isn’t anywhere near enough.

Visit the blog by clicking on the image above. We’ve also added a link to the blog in our imaginatively named links section which you’ll always be able to use to access the blog.

3 thoughts on “mummabearuk: Introducing a new NSFT CAMHS blog [trigger alert]”

  1. Just wanted to say how brilliantly written this blog is. It shows a real passion for (& understanding of) the real lives of us parents and carers who are desperately seeking support for our loved ones. Congratulations on the blog ????

  2. A really powerful blog. Thank you for taking the time to write it among all the other pressures. I hope it will help push those with the ability to act (NSFT board, CCG, Norman lamb, dan poulter and all our other MPs) to do something. It literally is a matter of life and death. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  3. This struck such a chord with us as we lost our son who took his own life at the end of April. He didn’t even get into the system (maybe a blessing) because he wasn’t even referred to crisis team although his G.P. knew he was suicidal. I think this reflects that everbody knows the service on offer is not nearly good enough and we feel that his life wasn’t valued, this is a terrible pain to bear on top of our loss.

    Jan & Alan Collinson

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