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On the first day of Christmas, NSFT took away… my care co-ordinator


bad-santa-screaming child

Here is the story ‘Emily’ wanted us to tell:

“Before the cuts, I had four amazing care co-ordinators over ten years. They had the chance to get to know me, both when I was struggling but also when I was well. This meant they could push me to recover, taught me how to laugh and cry and then could keep me safe when I was scared. They have held on to the hope for me in my darkest moments and I have had the time to learn to trust them – seemingly impossible tasks. At times it has seemed they know me better that I know myself and so have helped me build my life.

Now, in the world of the ‘radical redesign’, four care co-ordinators in as many months is the new reality. For others, more terrifyingly, there is no one. No one to take that call when the world is crumbling around you. No one to stop the spiral into chaos.

The perfect present would be the person who will fight your corner with you, values your life and never gives up.”

Care co-ordinators and continuity of care don’t seem to appear on NSFT’s Christmas list.


3 thoughts on “On the first day of Christmas, NSFT took away… my care co-ordinator

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  2. Jezabel says:

    Emily, this is the part of the job that makes it all worthwhile and is the most important. I’m so sorry about your recent experiences and hape things improve for you in the future.


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