Response from North Norfolk CCG to AMHP letter highlighting bed crisis at NSFT

See the letter below which states that North Norfolk CCG will not accept the closure of any more acute adult beds, including the hostels, until people placed out of county are returned and there is no likelihood of out of area placement reoccurring. This reply can be downloaded as a pdf also. You can read the original letter here and the excellent Community Care article here.

North Norfolk CCG Response to AMHPs

8 thoughts on “Response from North Norfolk CCG to AMHP letter highlighting bed crisis at NSFT”

  1. So does the CCG know that one Hostel of 4 beds is already closed, and the staff have all been redeployed to other wards. 9 beds remain but staffed from the CRHT so no longer in the same function it was before. And this was no redesign, just the shambles of counting staff in numbers of other teams before realising they couldn’t actually discharge all the hostels service users. The team are gone, there is no leadership and the service is little more than an unstaffed dormitono now.

  2. The whole thing is a shambles. I have been told that because of these actions, Hostels are now fending for themselves at times.The truth is there is a serious shortage of Band 6 staff in CRHT and this will very quickly become worse as the Trust are about to downband some of their most experienced Band 6 staff to a Band 5.

    The decisions this Trust are making are just baffling, are they trying to make it fail?

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