The Thick of NSFT Comms: Digital Communications Manager, Band 7 AFC

Help toxic and failed mental health trust, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT), ‘get away with it (again)‘ for £43,000 per annum in this Band 7 nonjob as Digital Communications Manager.

You’ll need ‘excellent knowledge and experience of using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook’ and be paid more than most nurses. In fact, you’ll be paid instead of a nurse.

Please note that applications from under 13s can NOT be accepted whatever the social media expertise of the applicant. TikTok and Snapchat are NOT target platforms.

‘You will be managing third party suppliers and work in partnership with others’ such as Steve Gladwin, the Brighton-based interim Head of Communications at NSFT to whom the toxic email was supposed to be sent privately. Gladwin’s company On the Level PR is billing the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds for its ‘expertise’.

Incredibly, Lesley Barlow is your @NSFTjobs contact.

If you ring Lesley Barlow for an initial chat, it is worth remembering that Lesley was also one of the recipients of the toxic email.

As NSFT is an Equal Opportunities employer, please note that previous performance demonstrates that candidates who are white, male or friends and family of existing nonjob holders at NSFT are more likely to be shortlisted for senior nonjob roles.

Click on the image below to see more details of this lucrative nonjob on NHS Jobs:

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