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Video: BBC Look East leads with the failure of NSFT in the tragic case of Katrina Rolph

Amelia Reynolds and Kim Riley of the BBC report on the tragic and preventable death of Katrina Rolph:

How many more preventable deaths can be allowed to happen?

Why haven’t we got properly-funded mental health services in Norfolk and Suffolk?

Why doesn’t Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) have a competent Board?

What are the sycophantic Governors of NSFT doing?

Why aren’t the voices of patients, carers and front line staff being heard?

Why is the self-appointed £600,000 per year ‘consumer champion for health and social care’, Healthwatch Norfolk, silent?

When are mental health commissioners at the CCGs and NHS England going to behave like purchasers rather than patsies?

With its enormous Comms budget, why didn’t NSFT have the decency to make somebody available for interview to apologise for the ‘care’ provided to Katrina Rolph? What was Andy Goff, Debbie White, Lisa Mungham-Gray or Michael ‘Payrise’ Scott doing that was so much more important?

Enough is enough.

Kim Riley did get one fact wrong though: unexpected deaths have not nearly doubled, they have more than doubled. In just four years.

No more deaths.

4 thoughts on “Video: BBC Look East leads with the failure of NSFT in the tragic case of Katrina Rolph

  1. meshugana says:

    On Panorama February 6th, Michael Scott said he was ‘on a journey’. When is he going?

  2. meshugana says:

    Another beautiful life which should have been saved has been extinguished.

  3. Heather Edmondson says:

    Another waste of a young life thanks to the NSFT THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED. The problem is this will not be the last in our area. Too many CHIEFS ON FAT CAT SALARIES AND NOT ENOUGH INDIANS!!!
    GET RID OF 4 out of the 5 CCGs put the money into all the NHS SERVICES. Their a waste of space awarding themselves high pay rises and have meetings about meetings arguing amongst themselves.

  4. Margaret Hall says:

    My heartfelt sorrow goes out to the family of katrina Rolph.
    My own, effortlessly kind, and brilliantly academic son ended his life during 2016.
    He had an appointment to see a psychologist, allotted to him during December 2015 for May 2016. My son died during April 2016.
    He had a long history of periods of depression and it is recorded that he wanted to know why he was like he was.
    My son had a range of health issues to deal with. He loved his work and family.
    I repeat; it breaks my heart to think that with the right responses and treatment; (available at a national level); my son may well have been saved and healed. How come then that Norfolk and Suffolk are experiencing so much failure and unexplained deaths and where do the police and judiciary fit into this picture?!
    As a heartbroken mother; Campaign to Save Mental Health Services in Norfolk and Suffolk I salute you and I will help and support your efforts in any way I can.

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