17th Day of Lent: Going without…. Transparently recruited and democratically appointed directors and senior managers

22.4.2010: Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna

James writes:

“This ‘Trust’ ironically instils no trust whatsoever in the minds of the jobbing clinicians and admin staff.
Senior executives and new ‘associate’ directors are tripping over each other while nurses run wards and woefully inadequate community teams with skeleton staffing.”

“Most of us don’t recall seeing advertisements for any associate director posts, nor do we recall the concept of ‘slotting in’ being discussed during MULTIPLE periods of unsettling redeployment/ cost improvement.”

“Senior managers have given favoured ‘yes men and women’ (some paid off handsomely, only to return shortly afterwards on consultative contracts) ‘acting up’ posts as they see fit. No interviews. No equality of opportunity. No shame.”

“If your face fits you can sky rocket to great heights with little formal process. Meanwhile mere clinicians and junior admin are subjected to competitive and humiliating scenario-based interviews to vie for their own jobs, or lesser ones.
A ‘nest of vipers’ as one person aptly described it. Well, any of these ‘Acting’ or ‘Associate’ post-dwellers need to remember that what goes around comes around. Think about a contingency, because you may, one day, wish you had retained your principles and acted humanely. You may well end up being as disposable as the rest of us….”

13 thoughts on “17th Day of Lent: Going without…. Transparently recruited and democratically appointed directors and senior managers”

  1. There is also concern that at some levels of the organisation fixed term posts suddenly appear to have been made substantive without a proper and open process having been followed. The chaos of the “radical redesign” is the ideal time to get away with things like this. Truth will out.

  2. One such post which immediately springs to mind is that of the Head of Workforce and Organisational Development which was a two-year fixed term which should be ending around about now and yet the postholder now suddenly has a permanent contract. Not what was consulted on in October 2011 and not what the structure of Wf&OD currently appearing on the Trust intranet says. When the post holder was seconded to work on the Trust Service Strategy workstreams, the Trust employed a temporary ‘consultant’ to take on that role, costing thousands and this ‘consultant’ apparently spent most of his time failing to produce reports to the Board, telling tasteless jokes and reading his kindle!

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