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5 thoughts on “Audio: BBC Radio Norfolk: Theresa May asked to apologise for Norfolk and Suffolk having the worst mental health trust in the country

  1. Cynic says:

    The BBC should ask Norman Lamb to apologise as well.

    What a mental health champion he was!

  2. Allwillbewell says:

    Good question. Never expected her to answer.  Unbelievable that they choose Norfolk to launch yet another unfounded vanity scheme. By publicising less serious MH problems it takes focus off serious, long term, often incurable conditions that require high levels of support and BEDS.

  3. meshugana says:

    I was not impressed by Teresa May’s replies in her interview on Radio Norfolk. Conclusions and actions that should have been taken long ago are now supposed to be dealt with in the future. Always ‘We are going to …’ Answers are never ‘Oh yes we’ve f-cked up, and yes you need more money to provide more safe services for mental health because we do not put you on a par with physical health even though we say we are going to…’
    I do not trust this woman except she does acknowledge that the staff are caring and now working their socks off to plug up all the holes.

  4. ?????? says:

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