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One thought on “Audio: BBC Radio Suffolk interview about NSFT bed closures and sham consultation

  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    Yesterday evening I got home late. The reason I was late related to trying to facilitate and ease the process of enabling a service user (who agreed to informal admission to a bed) to be available for the admission (he was homeless).  I felt guilty about placing a demand / request upon colleagues in the CRHT.  I did get home just before 8pm. When I got home, I felt so wound up that I felt the need to access this site, and listened to the podcast of the consultation at GY&W.  Wow!  The justification of the bed reduction made me think…..along with the failure to answer the question as to why we should trust the decisions of those who sanctioned redundancies whilst there were significant numbers of vacancies in NSFT.  Can someone answer this…..if we accept the assertion that there are a significant number of ‘bed blockers’ in hospital who are only there because of a failure to provide accommodation, WHY HAVE WE SHUT WARDS?  Any responsible management team would have retained the beds, whilst implementing a robust process to determine why there are bed blockers, and who may be responsible for paying for the accommodation that isn’t in place.  When this conundrum was solved, the bed blockers could be moved out, and future bed blocking could presumably be avoided.  In the interim period, any spare capacity would very easily be translated into an income stream generated by other areas pleading for a bed (as we currently do).

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