Audio: Campaign spokesperson and clinical psychologist, Ruth Turner, is lead interview on BBC Radio Norfolk Breakfast Show

As well as Ruth’s excellent interview, Emma Corlett from Unison and a service user on the telephone from the Norvic Clinic raise their safety concerns as part of the main news item which also features Norman Lamb, Care Minister and local MP, appearing to publicly back the concerns raised by the Campaign and staff!



It is astonishing and illuminating that Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT), with more than one thousand administrators, a large in-house Comms Team and a Board paid more than £750,000 per annum, cannot find a single person to appear on the BBC.

BBC Radio Norfolk

4 thoughts on “Audio: Campaign spokesperson and clinical psychologist, Ruth Turner, is lead interview on BBC Radio Norfolk Breakfast Show”

  1. Excellent interview Ruth. Very relevant and hard -hitting points made very clearly. I feel it really needs to be strongly emphasised though how cutting cost effective services which reduce hospital admission increases cost, as does cutting beds leading to costly out of county placements. Also the massive redundancy miscalculation where staff have been given large redundancy packages at the same time as costly temporary staff have been taken on to fill their roles and that this miscalculation and subseqent loss of considerable funds has never been acknowledged by the trust board. This in addition to the months of stress staff have been put through, being compelled to engage in a competitive process to keep their jobs under threat of redudancy, where in many cases redundancies never happened or where they did happen the trust then tried to reverse them.

  2. Very Good, what a surprise no one from the trust would appear, surprised to get a grievance!!!!! Deny staff and patients are unsafe!!! where do these people live on another planet obviously!!! certainly not on the front line. Too busy looking after their own jobs and high salaries Do they listen No they don’t.

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