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4 thoughts on “Audio: NSFT Deputy Director of Nursing tries to resolve ‘dire’ Waveney strike staffing crisis by ringing wrong person

  1. martin blank says:

    I fail to see how this is helps the campaign at all. This sort of story undermines the campaigns cause. Deputy Director of Nursing trying to help sort a staffing problem out? You’d complain if she didn’t try to help. Who here has never rang a wrong number?

  2. Spartacus says:

    There is a really good reason for running this story. A very good reason indeed.

  3. Nick Bishop says:

    Poor Michelle. I always found her a supportive and honest colleague. I hope NSFT don’t give her too hard a time for this – a mistake, and clearly someone following orders and concerned for both how her masters will view her if she doesn’t do her job ‘right’ (in their eyes) and trying her best to get the right cover. I agree though, it should be on the site.

  4. jared says:

    School boy error.


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