BBC News: Mental health deaths in Norfolk and Suffolk prompts investigation

BBC News reports:

An NHS mental health trust has announced it is commissioning an investigation into the rising number of unexpected deaths of patients.

The Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust had 129 such deaths (2014-15) – up from 61 (2012-13) and higher than other mental health trusts in the UK.

Michael Scott, chief executive at the trust, said the independent investigation was about reassuring “those who find the figures alarming”.

Mental health campaigners welcomed it.

What is most alarming is that Michael Scott doesn’t appear to find these figures alarming.

Anne Humphrys, from the Campaign to Save Mental Health Services in Norfolk & Suffolk, said it was “fantastic news”.

“We’ve been calling for this investigation for more than two years when we became concerned about the rise in unexpected deaths,” she said.

“We need an inquiry that is thorough and its recommendations fully implemented to prevent deaths and suffering for bereaved families.”

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BBC News Mental health deaths in Norfolk and Suffolk prompts investigation

3 thoughts on “BBC News: Mental health deaths in Norfolk and Suffolk prompts investigation”

  1. Mental health issues ,suicide ,all on the rise and retarded government govern-mental mind controlled robots scratch their wooden heads and wonder why . Schools don’t help children in any way whatsoever to think objectively ,the parents are already victims and most don’t understand . We all need to “see” objectively ,to patiently look within and see our inner dis-ease ,and how our own personality (ego) is caught up with and in mind . Mind is not you ,your ego is not you. hate ,anger ,resentment ,jealousy envy and desire is “ego” and our beloved rulers promote it and keep all of you dumb wage slaves ,that lap up the fluoride in your tap water ,Mercury and more flouride at your dentists ,pharma poison at the doctors Prozac contains flouride ,TV mind control ,the religions ,politics ,science (of a kind) all to keep you dumb ,and from having any time between the super processed (dead food market ) visits the football Facebook and futility life style to ever sit still and go “within ” the only place to find the answers and reclaim your health and your freedom from mind ,and be your real self your true and purposeful dharma ,no longer lost in a dis functional world ,of psychopathic politicians ,and elite maniacs bent on keeping you their slave ,in a hopeless sea of disaster chaos and carma of the negative kind . Wake up you fools ,people are unhappy because we all live in servitude ,in a prison of our own minds by the design of the very people that claim want to help you . Government ,govern -mental (mind control)  ,don’t be a cow -herd- coward . Learn to go within ,happiness is an inside job . Denial is not just a river in Egypt ,and it’s time to turn the titanic around before we all sink in our own tormented illusion of democracy ,while they pump our kids full of flouride,smile and say it’s good for your teeth !

    Good luck

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