2 thoughts on “Campaign Cartoon: Vote tomorrow!”

  1. Norman Lamb on the BBC yesterday;  ‘And in no small way I’m proud of the coalition getting public funds on track and the work I’VE done for Mental Health’…..Not sure what he means by this……inventing the hollow phrase ‘Parity of Esteem’ perhaps.??  Doing little while his and other mental health services waste millions laying off frontline staff, closing beds, and sending vulnerable  people all over the country, into often private beds???…  Maybe  it’s standing by and watching managers take huge payoffs, increased salaries,  then employ agency nurses, due to staff shortages, at three times the cost.???   Or perhaps its standing around ringing his hands, saying there’s nothing he can  do on numerous TV appearances, whilst accusing the people who are trying to do something of  being ‘extremists’. Now at least he can stand on the side lines watching ……….doing nothing.   Well done Norman.  We will all miss ‘what you’ve done for Mental Health’……

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