Devastating HealthEast Consultation results: “There is a general lack of confidence in the NSFT”

HealthEast Consultation feedback wordle

“For NSFT to attempt to justify further bed reductions while simultaneously cutting community services and spending significant sums on private out of area placement beggars belief. It is a disservice to those we care for and to the staff attempting to manage these serious risks in very difficult circumstances.”

“In the current financial reality the CCG and NSFT urgently need to put the focus back on secondary care for those most in need of mental health services. The over development of management, admin and business support has resulted in less and less practitioners actually supporting patients, their carers and families.”

“NSFT are having to make changes over which they have no control. We’re not sure if they could have managed this better, but from the outside it looks ill-thought through and chaotic. Our work, ourselves, our colleagues and our clients have been adversely affected by the ongoing crisis caused by NSFTs singularly incompetent leadership and management. NSFT are not fit to lead or manage mental health services in Great Yarmouth and Waveney. Remove the NSFT executive board: they are not fit for purpose and are beyond repair. Reformulate NSFT mission statement.”

“The outcome of the NSFTs proposals will be chaos and inefficiency. Indeed, judging by their recent track record, we can reliably predict this. The restructuring of the community services were devastating and diabolically managed. NSFT must not be allowed to repeat this again.”

“The NSFT are happy to discriminate against Great Yarmouth and Waveney by advancing the fallacious argument that we can cope with fewer beds if they create more in Norwich.”

“The Waveney AMHP group calls on the CCG to wholly reject NSFTs proposals, for the executive board of NSFT to resign and for a new board to enter into a rational and honest debate with the CCG to address both the problems of provision and cuts to funding.”

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