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Dis the CQC: Only five of 29 NSFT governors bother to attend Care Quality Commission inspection meeting

When we met the Care Quality Commission (CQC) last week, so many patients, carers and the bereaved attended that we needed extra chairs, refreshments and time.

When the Council of Governors of Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) met the CQC last week, only five out of the twenty-nine governors could be bothered to attend the inspection meeting.

We’re sure that the CQC will have been impressed by the governors’ dedication to the quality of care at NSFT.

Far more governors attend the Council of Governors’ routine tea and biscuit sessions which have repeatedly failed to hold NSFT to account.

One would think that, with NSFT rated Inadequate for Safety, the governors would have been keen to meet the CQC.

Then again, had they attended the meeting with NSFT’s regulator, they might have missed Bargain Hunt, Couples Come Dine with Me, Loose Women, or Big Brother.

There is a complete failure of good governance at NSFT.

There’s too much “Gary, Michael and Robert” and not enough representing the real interests of patients and carers.

4 thoughts on “Dis the CQC: Only five of 29 NSFT governors bother to attend Care Quality Commission inspection meeting

  1. Allwillbewell says:

    Disgraceful that so few attended. Probably worried that they might be expected to say something that the comms department hadn’t scripted for them! Most have no capacity for independent thought

  2. Heather Edmondson says:

    ABSOLUTELY TYPICAL THEIR HAPPY WITH THEIR SALARIES BUT NOT AVAILABLE FOR SOMETHING IMPORTANT. Time after time mental health patients  are let down. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

  3. meshugana says:

    This is a sad reflection that governors elected to represent patients and the public at large appear not to have involved themselves in the inspection process. This must have seemed a missing link to CQC. May be NSFT members should be questioning the effectivness of the current cohort of governors and be asking how these people are representing the public interest. No wonder catastophic decisions are being ratified at director level without challenge.

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