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Duplicitous Norman Lamb: EDP: Look East journalist Sally Chidzoy takes BBC to employment tribunal for harassment, victimisation and sex discrimination

Dan Grimmer of the Eastern Daily Press reports:

One of the BBC’s most high profile journalists in East Anglia alleges she was pursued by bosses at the corporation after raising concerns about her manager’s links to a charity funded by the Chinese government and interference by a Norfolk MP in a story.

Sadly, award-winning Sally Chidzoy’s experience of Norman Lamb mirrors our own:

-North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb interfered with one of Miss Chidzoy’s stories on the then boss of the East of England Ambulance Trust Anthony Marsh

Just as Norman Lamb tried to influence the media’s coverage of our campaign and the mental health crisis.

She went on to allege: “I raised a number of protected disclosures about abuse by Norman Lamb of his ministerial position to exert political influence that affected the BBC’s editorial decisions evidenced by his communications with the BBC.”

Exactly as we experienced.

Mr Lamb said it was difficult for him to make any comment without knowing what the email said, but said he was always pursuing concerns about health and care on behalf of both patients and the staff of organisations.

Our campaigners have experienced the same underhand behaviour from Norman Lamb MP.

We hold Norman Lamb to account for his appalling duplicity as Minister of State at the Department of Health responsible for mental health.

Norman Lamb sent an email from his private gmail account to the BBC making irrelevant, defamatory and untrue statements about our member’s personal relationships after it broadcast a report about the crisis in mental health services due to funding cuts.

Click on the image below to read the article in full on the EDP website:

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