Duplicitous Norman Lamb: EDP: Mental health campaigner and nurse tells tribunal of upset at MP’s inaccurate claim she was partner of Clive Lewis

Tom Bristow of the Eastern Daily Press reports:

A Norfolk councillor has described her upset after an MP wrongly told a BBC journalist she was the partner of Norwich South MP Clive Lewis.

An email was sent from the account of North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb to the BBC’s political editor for east England Deborah McGurran complaining about a broadcast in June 2014 on mental health.

The report featured an interview with mental health nurse and union rep Emma Corlett, who is a Norfolk County councillor for Labour.

‘Mental health champion’ Norman Lamb MP used an incorrect, malicious, underhand, deeply personal allegation about a mental health nurse to try to undermine media coverage of our mental health campaign while he was the Minister of State at the Department of Health directly responsible for mental health.

Mr Lamb raised “serious concerns” in the email that Labour had got their facts about mental health spending wrong and that Ms Corlett was the “partner” of Labour MP Mr Lewis.

He wrote: “I’m concerned about the role of Clive Lewis and the fact that it is his partner that seems to be interviewed and who deliberately – and cynically in my view – politicises it. I appreciate she has a position in her own right”

Mr Lewis, who quit the shadow cabinet yesterday over the Brexit bill, is not Ms Corlett’s partner and Ms Corlett said the accusation had deeply upset her.

And ‘mental health champion’ Norman Lamb calls us trolls when we hold him to account for his ministerial record on mental health?

Ms Corlett said she received a print out of the email from Mr Lamb to Deborah McGurran in the post.

“I was completely shocked by the content, tone and nature of the email as it contained inaccurate information about me and unfounded and what I regarded malicious allegations,” she said in a witness statement to the tribunal.

Devious, duplicitous ‘mental health champion’ Norman Lamb MP.

We raised concerns about the crisis in mental health. Norman Lamb invented baseless claims about our member’s private life.

“He is not my partner. I live with my partner of 18 years.

“I was shocked and upset that a Minister of State was concerning himself with my private life, and circulating to local journalists totally inaccurate information about me.

“I found his statement offensive and sexist, as even if Clive Lewis was my partner, why would I not be able as an autonomous female trade unionist be capable of speaking on behalf of Unison members?

Absolutely. Shameful, duplicitous, sexist ‘mental health champion’ Norman Lamb.

She added: “The email had a profound impact on my well-being and mental health.

“It also had an impact on me at work. It made me feel increasingly paranoid about what information might be being circulated about me.”

As would any nurse if the Minister of State at the Department of Health used his private Gmail account to spread falsehoods about their personal life to the nation’s largest broadcaster in an attempt to undermine coverage of the crisis in mental health.

Of course, ‘mental health champion’ Norman Lamb thought we and the public would never find out about his muckraking to the BBC.

Click on the image below to read Tom Bristow’s article in full on the EDP website:

2 thoughts on “Duplicitous Norman Lamb: EDP: Mental health campaigner and nurse tells tribunal of upset at MP’s inaccurate claim she was partner of Clive Lewis”

  1. I’m actually disgusted about the accusations that are being made by  through Parliament and also by a county councillor. I know that they are just good friends shouldn’t be any business of anybody sorry to hear that Emma take care sorry to hear that

  2. Sadly  this shouldn’t really surprise anyone despite the fact Norman lamb talks a good talk he just if not more useless then the rest wasn’t he lib dems no for mental health  doesn’t seem to have done any good they a habit of saying one thing in public another behind closed doors they try to under mind Natasha  Devon to in emails

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