EDP: A half-way house to privatisation?

Care minister Norman Lamb denied yesterday that mutuals were a step to privatisation, after campaigners claimed the NSFT could leave the NHS.

But a spokesman for the Campaign to Save Mental Health Services in Norfolk and Suffolk, which put in the Freedom of Information request, said: “Staff are up in arms about this. It is such a major change.”

The Cabinet Office confirms:

“Public service mutuals are organisations which have left the public sector

We heard duplicitous Norman Lamb say in Saxmundham that he doesn’t care whether health services are delivered by the public, private or voluntary sector.

Norman Lamb called Circle at Hinchingbrooke Hospital a ‘mutual’ even though it was majority-owned by a hedge fund.

Circle at Hinchingbrooke failed and the regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), condemned poor care. But Norman Lamb told the Independent:

“You only need to turn to Cambridge’s Hinchingbrooke Hospital for inspiration,”

Duplicitous Norman Lamb should stick to opening chip shops.

You can read more about mutualisation here.

You can read Tom Bristow’s full story on mutualisation on the EDP website by clicking on the grinning Norman Lamb below:

Norman Lamb should stick to what he is good for - opening chip shops

295 thoughts on “EDP: A half-way house to privatisation?”

  1. Yes, I think Norman Lamb has had his chips. The NHS and Social Care system is in chaos, and integrated care is much further away after 4 years of Coalition government. We need to stop all these grand plans, these radical redesigns and get back to basics; we need a mental health service which is accessible to all ( Mental Health Practitioners based at GP surgeries), a robust service for emergency psychiatric treatment( walk-in psychiatric clinics ) and specialist teams to prioritise those with severe mental illness ( assertive outreach teams ), and of course sufficient numbers of beds/staffing to provide quality inpatient care when needed. Alternatives to admission and respite care facilities are also needed. Forget mutualisation and renew Ashcroft’s contract with NSFT for 3 years, in line with Norfolk County Council’s guarantee. Instead of devoting so much time and resources to planning an exit from the NHS get down to London and visit the Maytree Sanctuary to find out how they managed to set up free respite care for the suicidal. Get back to basics.

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