EDP: “We are not surprised” – campaigners say as data shows highest number of unexpected deaths in Norfolk and Suffolk trust

The Eastern Daily Press reports:

The boss of Norfolk and Suffolk’s mental health trust has insisted the service is safe after “deeply distressing” data showing the highest number of “unexpected deaths” in the country,

Michael Scott, chief executive of Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Trust, said it would be a tragedy if people were being scared away from seeking help as a result of the statistics.

Indeed it would be. However, what we are talking about is an increase of more than five times the national average in the number of unexpected deaths of people who had already sought help and were supposed to be receiving care from Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT). It is ‘deeply distressing’ but it isn’t ‘safe’.

Figures show that there were 72 unexpected deaths in Norfolk and Suffolk between April and September last year, higher than any other trust in the country.

Mr Scott said that being a ‘high reporter’ represented a culture of openness where staff felt they could raise issues and therefore quickly put matters right.

Except, after the cuts and chaos of the radical redesign, bed closures and the loss of one third of NSFT’s doctors and twelve per cent of its nurses, the numbers of deaths continues to rise. Let’s not forget that NSFT refused to publish its own report into unexpected deaths. How is that a ‘culture of openness’?

NSFT’s own figures from the most recent Board of Directors meeting are even worse than reported by the EDP:NSFT 2015-16 saw 77 unexpected deaths in first six months alone

A spokesman for the Campaign to Save NHS Mental Health Services in Norfolk and Suffolk, which was set up just over two years ago, said it had alerted regulators to the statistics.

“NSFT claimed its increase in unexpected deaths was in line with the national average when it was more than five times higher. “We said NSFT was in denial. Today’s figures show we were right,” he said.

He also said the issue had been raised with former mental health minister Norman Lamb when he was in power.

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EDP We are not surprised - campaigners say as data shows highest number of unexpected deaths in Norfolk and Suffolk trust

4 thoughts on “EDP: “We are not surprised” – campaigners say as data shows highest number of unexpected deaths in Norfolk and Suffolk trust”

  1. Why would anyone be scared away from seeking help by the statistics?  OK it demonstrates NSFT are rubbish and moving to an area with a Trust that’s fit for purpose would be a good idea but not first thoughts of someone in crisis. Scott’s just using scare tactics to shut the press up and to divert blame. Damage limitation exercise – pathetic!

  2. If NL didn’t cut MH funding why were wards closed, teams deleted and patients send across the country? pathetic manipulation to big up his ego (is Norfolk big enough for it?) As Mr Nice guy. True, in a county with only one other non-Tory MP, he hasn’t got much competition from elected MPs.

    As forhigh reporting and culture of openness. I see a culture of fear.

  3. Is anyone really surprised at this situation being revealed?  For years the local mental health provision has been inadequate, pitiful, corrupt, & mismanaged.

    Many staff have no regard for truth & manufacture fictitious & fabricated versions of events, so that people in their care who do not comply with madeup versions of fact then become victims of the same thing. So much goes on in these hospitals which contravenes regulations & so called ‘care’. Any one with their eyes open can see that  strings are pulled by puppet masters, & the few staff who may care don’t get a chance to show it or will be warned off. Any patient who upsets the status quo can expect their notes to be full of lies, their behaviour misrepresented & sanctions imposed upon them! or will be incarcerated somewhere miles away where they can be treated appallingly with their human rights violated.Woe to you if you upset the powers that be.

    Does anyone trust this or any other agency of Government to act truthfully & with conscience? Not me. Everything is already decided, long before it is discussed in the first place.

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