Healthwatch Special Inquiry: What happens when people get sent home?

“Tens of thousands of people are potentially being sent home without proper support when they leave hospital or a care home. People can be left isolated and end up in crisis that could have been prevented.

Through this special inquiry, we want to get a deeper understanding of what happens to people who experience ‘unsafe discharge’ from a hospital, nursing or care home, or mental health setting in England and how it was that they were able to fall through the gaps.

‘Unsafe discharge’ can have the biggest impact on people who are already vulnerable

Because of this, our inquiry is focusing on homeless people, people with mental health conditions and older people who have been sent home from hospitals, care homes and mental health units.”

We know this is happening in Norfolk & Suffolk. It is vital that we share our experiences with Healthwatch England. Click on the image below to visit Healthwatch and contribute to its inquiry.

We are also considering writing a response from the campaign. If you could help us compile the report or have an experience you believe should be included, please get in touch.

Healthwatch What happens when people get sent home

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