In NSFT’s words: Cuts not patient care drove early closure of Carlton Court beds

The premature discharge of patients and closure of Waveney Acute Services at Carlton Court, breaking the promise made by commissioners and Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT), was driven by the desire to save money in the Cost Improvement Programme (CIP is an NHS euphemism for cuts), not patient care, as this internal NSFT document makes clear:

Action to fix?
The Clinical Team Leader and Consultant Psychiatrist are reviewing the expected discharge dates for the remaining 9 patients at Waveney acute services. The possibility of closing all beds at the end of September is being considered. This would have benefits in reducing temporary staffing spend as well as achieving the allocated CIP for October. The consequence to the overall Trust of having 5 fewer beds overall for 2 weeks is being evaluated also. A further update on this decision will be reported on 10th September. Forecast overspend on staff will improve with natural turnover of staff.

NSFT Closure of Carlton Court

2 thoughts on “In NSFT’s words: Cuts not patient care drove early closure of Carlton Court beds”

  1. Old Cockler writes: Interesting to see that the Clinical Team Leader was apparently very well aware of what the process was, which is considerably more than he was telling the team he was supposed to be leading. Old Cockler is very much minded to put down in print the shocking circumstances of the move to Great Yarmouth, of the gaping holes left in the service that only the quick thinking of the crisis team that was left behind managed to clear up, and more.


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